From Turning Stone Resort in upstate New York this is Poker Night in America. Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host Chris Hanson.

We are coming up on the close of our series at Turning Stone Resort in Verona, New York and as the night wears on our players are starting to make some big moves. You see they know time is running short to cash in at this table and these player are really loosening up their games. So, don’t be surprised if you see someone playing poker online in Canada less than stellar cards.

Let’s check in at the felt. As we continue day three here at Turning Stone, Shaun Deeb has a mountain of chips in front of him. 40,000 dollars. Even Jennifer Tilly has 22,000 and Phil Laak has 21,000 pale comparison.

>> So what if I squeezed, let’s be honest. >> It is possible. >> Oscar nominated actress Jennifer Tilly and one heck of a poker player raises to 150 with king and ten off suit. >> Did you have an ace something Richard or. >> I had the best hand.

>> Did you show the jacks? >> Even though Joe bluffed me earlier with a [BLEEP] hand. [LAUGH] >> Actually sometimes they call him [BLEEP] hand Joe.

>> He got me again. >> Which hand was that? >> I really angry at all you guys. >> He asked what hand it was. Joe asked what hand he bluffed you on. >> Oh, when you had the pair fours Joe.

Or fives or something like that. >> Fours. >> When you had the small pocket pair against mine. >> It works. Life is good.

>> He, he told me that he had a pocket pair and I had the queens. But yeah, he just got me off that hand and I had the best hand. Clearly he is a superior competitor. >> And queens for Shaun Deeb.

>> People underest, underestimate me sometimes, so. >> I have over estimated you. >> First time for everything. >> No wait a minute, by over estimating you I was under estimating you. >> Call from Deeb. >> Sometimes they under estimate where I am.

>> That’s like Phil Laak level. >> And a call from Tilly. >> Phil Laak’s getting hammered, I’m down 16, 14 grand. Somewhere like that. >> I want my cards back. >> You say that every hand.

And then you make the, you make the nuts every hand. >> Well this one I really want them back, like nobody raised. It just stayed there. >> They just. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] >> Check, check from Deeb and Tilly. [CROSSTALK] >> Also a check from Frankenberger.

Four on the turn. And Deeb’s bet here is gonna make it look like he’s stealing this pot. Wouldn’t be surprised if Frankenberger doesn’t raise here. But he elects to call.

Playing carefully against Shaun Deeb. You never know what Deeb could have. The river is a seven. >> Queen high. >> Tens-z-z-z-z. Queens-z-z-z-z.

[LAUGH] >> Queen low. >> And there it is, the patented Shaun Deeb slow roll. I was gonna get one slow roll in. >> Boo. >> How many slow rolls did I do in Maryland? Seven?

I wasn’t trying to get a high five, but okay, if you wanna give it to me. >> I’m not. [LAUGH] >> And look at my online record. I’ve slow rolled so many big final tables. Known for it.

Daniel, are you gonna play OFC? >> Okay. >> Dan, you should have said no. >> By the way, Jennifer, that’s the creator of Fantasy Land.

>> I’m terrible. >> It’s the what? >> That’s the creator of Fantasy Land. >> I’m terrible.

>> Well, who is? This one? >> The little nerdy kid sitting down. >> Which one? >> Way back.

>> All right. >> Oh, hey, how are you Fantasy sam, Land is the bomb. >> Fantasy Sam. [LAUGH] >> I love Fantasy Land. Love it.

>> You’re blind this hand right >> What did you say? >> I don’t think we’re allowed to change seats. We’re not allowed to change seats are we?

>> I had to deal with him on my left all day yesterday. >> Looks like we’re having a line change here. I know Gavin is Canadian and plays a lot of hockey and change on the fly as Antonio Esfandiari looks like he’s getting ready to take a seat at our table. >> I did not come to fold right now, I promise you. >> Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me.

>> You’ve never folded in any game I’ve ever played with you. What did you get, like 12th? >> I got 17th. I got bluffed in a big hand. >> That’s unbelievable. >> Back to the poker, a flush draw for DeGeorge, along with top pair.

Jennifer Tilly has top pair, top kicker. And a pair of tens for Doug Maverick. >> What a fish. >> Gavin.

>> Gavin. [LAUGH] >> What? >> You gave me more than ten. >> I don’t he checked. I don’t think he took that. >> Yeah.

>> I think he meant to take it. >> He did. He meant to take it.

>> He meant to take that side stack. >> He meant to take this right here, I think. >> No, that doesn’t make sense either. >> Yeah that, no it’s ten without that.

>> Is it? Yeah. >> How much did I give you? >> Shaun Deeb also with a little something going on here with an open-ended straight draw. >> Where’s my thing, right here? >> You did way better than we all thought you would do.

>> Tilly bets 800, Russell folds. >> All right, who’s on tilt, who’s ready to gamble? >> The Tilly’s. >> Both. >> The Tilly’s are on tilt.

The Berger’s on tilt. >> Frankenberger can’t tilt. >> No Frankenmuth. He’s become Frankenmuth. >> What is that?

>> There’s a town in Illinois. >> It’s a city in, in Michigan. [LAUGH] You change the state every time.

>> He puts it, it’s been in Michigan, Iowa. [LAUGH] It’s been in two provinces. [LAUGH] >> It’s in Mexico. >> No, it’s in northern ah- >> DeGeorge raised to 1800 and Tilly calls. >> We’ll have fun.

>> You never invited me. >> I’ve never, I moved- >> How was I supposed to know you’re in Mexico. >> I’m, no, I moved right over as soon as- >> And DeGeorge not only hits the flush, he hits the straight flush on the turn. >> I know, I’m just saying. I like to hang out. >> Did Frankenburger come down?

>> Not, not, not after today. We were close, not anymore. >> What was your level of, 100, 100 being your best friend, what was your level of relationship be, before today?

>> Before today? >> Yeah. Honestly.

>> 65. >> 65? Wow. And after today?

>> I, I, he’s higher in my book. I’m way lower in his book. Cause I only do mean things to my friends. >> Does DeGeorge bet the nuts or check it? Looks like he’s betting it.

>> I’ll take the over. Yeah. >> Ahhh, I thought, I thought my black ace was club. >> I’ll bet 200. He might just go under just to make me lose the 200. >> Hey Richard, how are you?

>> Should of bet the turn. >> Good to see you my friend. >> Thank you for the scotch last night. >> Nice hand.

>> I wish you had. >> I really should’ve played yesterday. >> What you have, straight? >> Straight flush? >> Wow. >> Nice hand.

>> How do you guys make these hands? >> Geez. >> How do they make them?

[LAUGH] >> I’m just happy with a second pair. [LAUGH] >> What is that? Did you just have a straight flush? I saw. It said, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack.

All clubs. >> That’s so sexy. >> He wants a fist bump.

>> Okay. >> Congratulations straight flush. >> I’m just so stunned. >> What are you talking about?

>> We’ve got more awkward fist bumps when we return. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. >> Welcome back to Poker Night in America, I’m host Chris Hanson. We return to the cash game.

Welcome back to Poker Night in America, Gavin Smith giving up his seat here at our TV table. In his spot, Antonio Esfandiari will sit down with a fresh stack of 20,000. Shaun Deeb continues to be our big winner tonight. >> Kill as many cows as I can without using guns or explosives, only the weapons you can find on the farm.

>> Woah. What weapons are on a farm? >> That’s for your own interpretation, whatever weapons on a farm, I don’t know if he knows them.

>> You can find a machete if it’s normal farm. >> There’s a lot of stuff on a farm. >> On a farm, are you kidding me? >> You gotta kill what? >> Cows. [CROSSTALK] >> Oh, so, like, he can’t be like a pacifist and, like- >> Guys this is sick.

>> No, he’s, he’s, he has, like- [LAUGH] >> What if he’s a vegan and doesn’t wanna kill cows? I mean, what if he doesn’t wanna participate? >> It’s all, all factored into the brain, by the brain. >> So whatever that motivation is, he’s got maximum motivation. >> Congratulations. >> Thank you.

>> This is never gonna air in India. >> 150 from Doug Maverick. [LAUGH] >> It’s the same hand that I had yesterday when I didn’t win this, two, seven of clubs. >> If I, if I crack Shaun Deeb up, I feel like I had a good day. >> It’s nice when, it’s very rare that someone else is throwing out questions. >> I have like five go to ones, that’s.

We only got a little bit of time, so. >> I thought I, you would’ve known that. >> I just can’t believe you that you think that two guys can beat up 22 guys. >> He’s killing. It’s not beating up. >> Two Chinos, please.

>> Like one, just snap his neck and choke him out while you’re holding off the other ones, how- >> By the way, I’ll bet you- >> And how, how often was he- >> I’ll bet you Jason Koon. >> Oh yeah, yeah. >> Says the number’s over 16. >> I don’t, I don’t know.

>> Doug Maverick turn his ace king in the top pair, top kicker. >> Chino was like I’m scrappy but it would be a lot. >> I bet you chino says over eight.

[LAUGH] You wanna bet on that? [LAUGH] >> Maybe. >> All right. You can have up to any amount you like. [LAUGH] >> We’ll call him right now. >> Whatever yo I’ll bet your stack, whatever, I’d love to bet your stack.

>> Frankenberger with nothing will get out of the way. >> That’s the thing, he’s not your average like 130 pound guy. >> No. >> And does Matt Russell. >> Yeah, but the thing is, how do the Chinos strategically do it?

Do they, do they say let’s attack in swarms, ten at a time? >> No, they come out one at a time- >> Seven of clubs so now both players pick up the flush draw and Maverick would have the nut flush draw. >> That means it’s even more Chinos, cus you have two, how many Chinos do you have, two per one, each attack? >> And both check.

>> Every five seconds, a new Chino enters the ring and has to attack. Every five seconds, a new Chino. He can’t just go in, all wait around, and then attack.

>> How long does that Chino two stay in there when Chino one is still working? >> Until he’s dead. >> Until he’s dead. >> They all go- >> So Chino comes in, and while Chino’s still working.

He hasn’t been dispatched yet. Chino two comes in and now they’re both allowed to keep going. >> Yeah.

>> I am utterly amazed at the conversations we have sometimes at our table. >> Ok, what’s the question. >> Ok. >> It didn’t hurt. >> Wait wait, you guys all, you all know who Chino Rheem is and Jason Koon. >> Am I gonna have to like, throw somebody under the bus? >> How many, in a fight to the death, how many Chino Rheem does it take to win, versus- >> By the way, it’s better.

Two. Two. >> Yeah I know, yeah. >> Two Jason Koons, yeah.

>> I mean look, if the guy can’t defend himself and you keep kicking him in the head he’s done. >> I really think like punches to like throat would be the way to get him. >> Well, then I’m just going to say that if- >> Maverick makes the call and he makes the correct call.

>> He’s going to be offensive- >> And he will pick up a $2200 Chino pot. >> Wow, it’s a good thing that club didn’t come. >>I thought about turning my hand into a bluff to be honest. >> Yeah, he’s standing- >> Well, then, what, why would he waste five seconds if each guy would kill each one with in three seconds. It’s just a thorax kill.

Thorax kill. >> Are you locked in for this one yet? >> Thorax kill. They just keep coming and dying cuz you get that one good punch right here.

>> Dude, what do you, you think they’re just gonna run into him with their necks open? I mean- >> Yeah, I mean- >> Yeah that’s what they gotta do. >> Goes in and stabs their neck. >> I’ll bet you Coon doesn’t say it’s over 50. >> What is it, what is the umm, the laudin?

>> How much will he pay to never have to watch the bottom 20% of movies? >> Oh well I’m out. I’m out of that one. >> How can you be out on that one? >> It’s right up your alley. >> 20% of movies.

>> How much would you pay to not have to watch the bottom 20%. >> So, so basically- >> Let me tell you why that’s not a legitimate question, or do you wanna guess? >> Oh, wow. >> Umm it’s up to.

>> A raise from Esfandiari. >> He wants explained why it’s not a legitimate question. >> Instead of that skip it and find a better question. How bout the difference between Chino and ah, the difference between what Chino and Jason think. >> Yeah, but now we gotta call them, it’s a lot of work. We can do that later right?

>> No you say what he thinks they would say. >> Oh oh oh no Yeah. >> Oh no. You’re right you, you do have to call, your right, sorry.

>> Roeper calls, Frankenberger calls. >> You really thought we enjoyed that, the worst day is like I really enjoyed this, totally terrible. Phil.

Do you know who Steve Albini is? >> I believe I’ve heard the name. I believe I may have played with him, but I don’t believe I can correlate the two. Unless I could, I could maybe pick it out of a queued recall scenario with maybe six other names, faces, but I don’t think so. >> You tweeted me this, so, you might get a kick out of this. >> I know Steve Albini is.

>> Yeah. You’re from Chicago, of course you do. Oh, he’s a poker guy too, right?

>> Yeah yeah. >> Frankenburger calls. >> I got stranded in Chicago, like July 4th and I ended up meeting up wiht him for lunch. And I wanted to go to his studio.

>> I heard he has some pretty good home games. >> It’s mixed games, yeah he plays, he plays- >> Turn is a ten. Esfandiari pulls ahead now.

>> Serious influence on the world. >> Yeah. [LAUGH] >> Both players check, here comes the river. And a miracle jack on the rvier gives a broadway straight to Frankenberger, and Esfandiari has the wrong end of the straight.

1,050, the bet from Esfandiari. A raise and a fold. >> Show me three seven off suit, I’ll give you $400.

>> What if he had that exact hand and you had just had to give him $400. >> We have more poker coming up after the break plus a little later on we party like rock stars. Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. Thanks for coming back to Poker Night in America.

Let’s get back to the table. >> The longest non business phone call that Frankenberger has made in the last year. [LAUGH] >> That who has? Who’s made?

>> Frankenberger. I think it should be all Frankenburger’s. >> You want to do all Frank- He might get offended that we’re picking him.

>> No he doesn’t care. Do you care, we won’t do it if you care. >> You’re welcome to. >> Okay, whatever. >> The longest phone conversation he’s had. >> In, in how long?

>> In the last year, that was not business. >> Am I, should I ask him any questions? >> No.

>> No, no. >> I’m just going to come up with something. >> Not Skype, phone. >> Less questions you ask I think the better it is.

>> Yeah yeah okay, I mean this is.. >> This is what.. Antonio’s whell, if you give him more information. >> People really tighten up late in the night. >> Change, I’ll take change.

I got a feeling this one’s gonna be me, boys. I’m just letting you know that. >> In the last year. >> It feels like it’s me. >> Well as we come to the end of day three here at Turning Stone players wanting to, try to either make a profit or go down in a ball of flames to do so. And everybody’s getting involved in this hand.

>> Boom! >> That’s you? >> Oh, yea. >> Frankenberger was the one who got all of this started with the initial raise. He bets 425.

Esfandiari calls. A raise from Joe DeGeorge to 1825. >> Game over.

>> I tweeted out your killer move. [LAUGH] >> Nice. >> A raise from Antonio to 4200. >> It’s four and quarter right?

That’s what it was. >> There’s only 350 there now. >> Yeah.

Phil, do you have a stirrer in your drink? I need a stirrer. >> A stirrer for a drink. Well I have this fork, sorry knife, which has never been used. >> Oh that’d be excellent.

>> Could you pass that? >> That’s a fork. >> Spoon, I mean what do you call it, knife. >> Perfect, a knife.

>> You’re really on your A game today. >> All in. >> Call. >> All in from DeGeorge, are you kidding me. >> Wow, what have I started? >> Does he know he has a club and a spade?

I’m just wondering. Maybe he think’s he’s got has two spades. >> Oh. >> I thought they were both spades for a second. >> It would have been nice.

>> You’re looking for a gut shot. >> I’m drawn dead. >> And DeGeorge is drawing dead to win.

And now he’s drawing dead for empty stack. >> Button’s right. >> Wait, wait, wait a minute. Who’s going to give me this, who’s going to give me that. >> Nice hand. >> Thank you, sir.

>> When I sleep at night I dream, and when I dream I go wherever, and one night. I may have, well, I’m making that [BLEEP] up, but I may have seen it in a dream, I don’t know. I really felt like it was an hour and 34, that’s why I picked that out of, I grabbed that from the universe, bro.

You must have- >> You end up in these conversations. >> Are we talking about the same thing? >> I can teleport into time holes and somewhere out there you did that time and I could taste it. I just knew. I know. I’m surprised, at least three times a year where I’m like wow, look how fast 90 minutes can go.

>> Now, I’m no doctor, but I did just log on to webmd and somebody might want to have Phil Laak see a physician. Just saying. >> Where does this stuff come from?

I thought I was out there. [LAUGH] >> Well you’re, you’ve got some competition over there. >> Did you jack it up to 350 or did you call this by putting that chip out and she put up- >> He raised it. >> You raised. >> It’s up to you.

>> So I’m gonna put the money in. >> Thing about Phil is he’s out there sometimes, but the things he sees, he sees very clearly. >> That’s for sure. >> Right? >> Sometimes.

King, nine, queen with multiple hearts. >> 950. >> Tilly’s got the straight but DeGeorge has a bigger straight draw and the flush draw.

Tilly brings it up to 3,000. >> All in. >> Hope you don’t have a flush.

>> Well, I got the nuts plus the king. >> You have the nuts plus the king? >> Well. >> No, not the nuts.

[LAUGH] >> I have the nuts now. >> Well, I’m saying- [LAUGH] >> No more heats. [CROSSTALK] >> No more hearts. >> You got the nut flushed off, that’s for sure. And now we’ll see two cards and the future is unfolding. >> Okay, small blacks.

>> The future is unfolding. >> Small seven. Black seven. [CROSSTALK] >> As we’re in it. >> The future’s unfolding.

>> All in the same boat, you know? >> I’m with you. >> How did this happen? >> Future’s unfolding. >> This is what happens when a straight meets top pair with a the nut flush draw.

>> That’s true, yeah. >> Small black seven. >> Oh. >> He did say the King. >> Ooh more outs. >> He knew it was going to matter.

>> Small black three. I can’t look. Small black three. >> Oh wow that’s sick. >> A rivered full house is gonna give DeGeorge this hand.

>> I didn’t see it happeging that way. Nice hand. >> After the break we will check out the final results and see who’s buying drinks at the party.

Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. >> Welcome back to Poker Night in America I’m your host Chris Hanson. At the end of day three it is Shaun Deeb and a $13,000 profit. And not much time at the table for Antonio Esfandiari here on day three. But still turns almost $11,000 profit.

And at the other end of the spectrum, Phil Laak and Matt Russell, dropping over 10K each tonight at Turning Stone. [MUSIC] Turning Stone Resort being the gracious host that they are, threw us a killer party at The Gig. Their premier Hard Rock theme night club. They even let Liv Boeree accompanied by the Poker Night in America band. Get on stage and throw down on some legendary Metallica covers. We’d like to thank the band Showtime for letting us interrupt their awesome set, so that we could show off.

My neck does still hurt from all the head banging but that is the sacrifice we all must make to the metal gods so that they may deliver onto us the sound and the fury forever more. [MUSIC] For more from Poker Night in America, log on to or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited live streams. Also, be sure to check out our online store for Poker Night shirts. Hats, hoodies, and more. For everyone here at Poker Night in America I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night is brought to you by 888 Poker, where the world plays online.