Today we’re playing at GUTS Berend, whats that shirt you are wearing?

Are those, the Blackburn Rovers? Yes they are Bought at the Nike outlet, Woensel I really want to play Montezuma, but we made our viewers a promise In the comments they could tell us what slotgame we should play next. Leroy Lubberdink asked “Did you make a profit until now?

Play Book of Dead or Raging Rhino” I think we made a profit until know – A lot of profit Yea, we won like 200 euro in the first episode? What was it exactly? 250? – 250, and last time we made 60. So thats about 310 Euro Yea, we didn’t spend that amount, so we made a profit Well, your suggestion was Book of Dead or Raging Rhino.

We never played Book of Dead, so we’ll go for that one We were struggling before this video. Should we play at Unibet or at GUTS? But Unibet Always fucks us over, so…. Thats true – And GUTS online sometimes Well, not yet 75 cents, thank you very much I think you need three of those – Yes, we need of three of those Come on…. I need to edit a video from this Three chances…. We just threw away 12 Euro’s in three minutes Shall we quit?

Quit this game – Last spin Its terrible – God damnit Well, 7 Euro’s left Someone else commented “Play Secret of the Stones” Shall we try it? – Yes I think its gonna fall right now Fuuuck, noooo – Come on, three chances What do we have to do? Shall i just click something random? I like the right more than the left, but thats personal This one? – Yes + 2 free spins… If you also have that one I think those wilds a good Nice, we needed that one!

Oke, if you say so. I don’t have any idea We now have two wheels of wild, you see? And ten free spins Twelve – I think this is gonna be good Its a shame we dont have a multiplier You see? Its easy to get a big win this way Watch this What the fuck is this? Nice – Those free spins are working out, we won 20 euros already 12 Euros, jesuuuuus I like this game We already doubled our money Thank you very much Holy shit, 45 Euro’s That’s sick This man deserves a shoutout To the guy who posted this comment I’ll put his comment on screen, watch this There it is I can’t say his name I’m excited to play Montezuma again – It’s time for the one and only Mon-te-zu-ma Fuck, two of them again. We had almost 60 a few minutes ago Those were the good times. How is it possible that we don’t get a bonus in such a long time?

Ladies an Gentleman, here follows an annoying message. We got no money left We spended all of our budget, so we have to stop this video We tried everything to get some extra money, but unfortunatelly it didn’t work. Lady’s and gentleman, thank you for watching. We lost all of our money Thumbs up if you liked this video and share this video with your friends or with people you don’t like Thank you for watching, see you next episode.