What is the nature of SureWin’s business? Oh, when I… first was introduced by the… couple that came to visit me in Hilton. They showed me a booklet that they claimed that these two brothers, the elder one is Philip Ong Tong Swan and the younger brother is Peter Ong Kean Swan. They claimed that they have a formula whereby they can win 10% (of their capital) from the casino which they have a formula to play the game called baccarat. And the booklet stated at that time the winnings that they had, in fact I have this newer version later on, after they came out with a bigger version. I remember when they first started is a… they have lesser records, so… What was stated there was their winnings from the testings of their formula that they have a 99.8% winning ratio.

They made big bucks in all the casinos in the world. There are certain cheques that they printed here that will show proof that they actually have these winnings. and the… because they only… take… so call, win… 10% of their capital. Therefore, they are, the capital, is big enough at that time 10% will actually mean a lot of money.

The business model is based on… people who are willing to come in to bring their investments. And there is a marketing system where they plan to pay out following the formula in the system which proved to be very, very lucrative. Sometimes too good to be true. However… so, each of the package, the basic package, where the… normally propose initially was RM24,480. I have this chart here actually that can show that we were actually using this to propose the so call investments to show the potential participants what kind of return they will get.

And if anyone who come in from this… diagram here, you see is the Bronze package Anyone who comes in this package they are entitled to attend the conference whereby the founders, which mean these two brothers, will actually explain how to show proof. First of all, on the formula which is 99.8% winning ratio on the baccarat game and the… what you call… the… the… what they claim is if the elder brother cannot prove that there is such a formula 99.8% winning ratio they are willing to refund your… investments, so call. Right…, so all those come in are mainly for Bronze package. (Illustration is using the Chart dated 18-Oct-2013) which at that time was RM24,480. (Illustration is using the Chart dated 18-Oct-2013) right up to Gold Platinum.

I just read it to you from here: Silver package costs RM61,200 These… the initial packages. Silver Platinum package costs RM182,920 The Gold package costs RM607,920 and the Gold Platinum, the highest, is RM1,279,080 and over here, we have the bonuses payout. so, you look at this payout which is very, very lucrative This is only for individual investment. They have a marketing system through the multi-level system, whereby… when you bring in your clients, customers or participants to partcipate in this program, you will also be handsomely rewarded. So, that was their… basically the modus operandi of this so call investment package.

and then, along the way they actually… I attended many of these conferences. Even to the extent of following them to various countries. Like, for example, Sri Lanka… right… and throughout the promotion of these packages there were a lot of incentives, a lot of awards The majority of them I managed to actually achieved. So, we were having a great time.

So, as far as these packages and investment is concern, they were paying out very regularly, on the dot. In fact they stated here that they will pay… every on the 10th of, and 25th of every month which they actually fulfilled for the two years and two months when they were around. And they even went on to provide quarterly bonus. So, in other words we were very caught by the enormous kind of incentives and the… payouts by this company. And each time when the… See, they have this… what you call presentation for preview of this program on this scheme. … representatives so call representatives from the company whereby they actually showed proof … there are compilation of the cheques.

There are a huge number of cheques. that had been displayed That had been shown whether on the slides or or at every… at every preview that we attend …and… Averagely, there was a… For one month at least there is an event organised by the company whereby… those who qualified were actually came in for the minimum packages. They were actually invited to attend the conference. And at that… event they actually displayed all their winnings and even with a huge amount of cash laid on the table.

So, it was very, very impressive actually And all of us were very, so call, mesmerised by the amount of money there is being, you know, won by this, using this so call formula. … and the… So, we attracted actually over a period of… about two years attracted… more than a hundred over thousand people. across twenty-two countries.

In term of our hierarchy or ranking in term of the volume of investors although it started in Malaysia I was informed that the the first, the leading country is from the, I mean the, the most number of investments from Taiwan. Next (second) was from China, and thirdly was from Singapore, and fourth is Malaysia. Of course there are other countries also in a smaller degree However, the leading person is the couple that actually introduced to me when I were, as I said earlier… when I was in then working in Hilton, it was this couple they remain the 001 in the… multi-level where the multi-level language is called the one who initiated the marketing system. Ok… and actually, is kind of a… like an ambassador for the company whereby… is a spokesman so he gets all the first hand information as to the development of the business. All the whereabouts where the company is… which casinos they are actually visiting. Right.

So… Besides the formula for the casino (baccarat), they went on to proclaim that actually they had trained a team of so call sharpshooters. The sharpshooter is actually a… those who are paid to go and gamble in a casino. Why they actually created this team?

For the real simple fact, you see Even though you may know the formula to use this formula where you have this type of good percentage of winning which is 99.8% You may be able to win…. from the casino. and the… the dangerous part is you may win but you may not be willing to leave… the table. Why so?

Because of the easiness of it. So, in order to overcome this part They actually trained a group of so call sharpshooters where their work is… to use this formula and with the capital given to them. They are only allowed to make 10% (of capital) Once that is achieved, they are supposed to leave the table. So there is a distinct, there is a clear different here, you know because if you gamble yourself you are probably overcome by… can be overcome by emotion of the greed element.

Because it is so easy for him to acquire 10% of your capital, the winning, right?… However, you are being paid to do this job. In according to the psychology that professed by the elder brother.

He claimed that if you are working… for the company to use his formula, then the element of the greed will be not relevant anymore. Because, he went on to explain because I understand all these when I attended the… his events, you see. He went on to explained that the… we all were actually working it is just that like similarly those croupiers who are working for the casino. They have no emotion at all because to them is a job. Whether the punter or the those that are gambling there whether they win or lose they are just doing their job.

You win they pay you, if you lose, they take your money away. So, there is no emotion involved. So, in the same manner… This… elder brother, the founder of this program shown… Philip Ong claimed that “if I trained a group of sharpshooters and they are actually working for the company to make use of a formula I created and there are only supposed to make 10% So it is just similar to the croupier who is actually working for the casino but in this case the people that I trained, these sharpshooters are working for me to go into the casino and take out 10%.