” So, and there is additional cost I felt was very, quite a very smart and a genius plan. He went on to say because there were people who queried him: How… how would do you know that the your so call sharpshooters will actually follow your rules, you see. You cannot be following them. You see… he actually planned a third-party to have a watchful eye on this so call sharpshooters. To ensure and… and the sharpshooters would not know who is this third person is. You know especially when you have so many people crowding around the table, you don’t know who and who, right?

They are so busy and drawn with your everybody is gambling and So, he said, in order to ensure that the sharpshooters that he had trained is discipline. He has a third-party which is not known to the sharpshooters. To ensure that they follow the… rule of making 10% and out they go. And furthermore to that… to that hah… if it is found… that the… out of greed, still out of greed that you want to…… gamble after acquiring the 10% Then the rule is, if you make that round….. then it belongs to the company. but if you lose, then the sharpshooter has to pay for it. so, this become a very good deterrent for them… not to go overboard.

As long as they make the 10% from the amount given to bet….. that is, their job is over. So, this is… this is the way how they manage their staff to use this formula to make the money from the casino. And each time when they come back they… they have a… so many cheques that have been issued… by the casino. The main casino they go from my understanding is the… Genting (Malaysia), Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, US and England. These are the few casinos that they visit including Hong Kong, I was told. So, every time they come back they will display the cheques especially, during the event.

and they, true to their words they actually paid on the dot. You know, and they… all these… operation thing is all done on the internet. There is no document there is nothing whatsoever to show any paper trail nothing at all.

Is strictly a multi-level kind of thing. Through word of mouth Yeah, there is no office that you go to. But their… their basic … Modus operandi is that they organised I would rather the team leader or the multi-level leader organised a preview dinner. They will buy us dinner and encouraged us to bring out friends and to attend a free dinner and only with the condition that after the dinner is stay back to listen to the investment opportunity.

And they did it very well actually. Majority of the time they were all speaking in Mandarin. And I was the… probably the only one that was so call, appointed or self-appointed or encouraged to speak on behalf of the company… in English. Later… if it is possible, I remember I actually recorded my first English presentation.

It is recorded… and … if there is a way we will also try and put it up on the… for the general viewers to see. Ok… and the payout was very, very rewarding. and everybody was very excited very mesmerised by the amount of money in the in the, you know that we can make from this passive income.

Ok… So, what made is so attractive to you? Oh yeah, that I said just now is because of the… payout You see, for example, I went in my first package or I went in that at the Silver package that was costing us RM61,200 The payout very month, in ringgit, per month is 4,500 So, if you calculate … plus the quarterly bonus that they… agreed to pay quarterly every, every three months they will pay a bonus. That bonus calculated, they the company has shown only a calculation but is also very attractive. So, if you… that means if every month at RM4,500, plus… four months that year that they pay the quarterly bonus, that is you get paid 16 times!

So, if you look at it… for investment of RM61,200 in about a year you actually get back your total capital. That is, that is without even taking into consideration of… the marketing rewards, when, where you actually introduced it to your network… This, this is only your own personal… return of the investment. So, definitely I… actually I was very, very pleased. Seriously I was very pleased with the rewards of these incentives.