Months, the city, the stopping the all right, you know what, in this very minute, cause an archive. We want you play along at home if baccarat har candidates, country, we want you to play and we want you to go grab your family press plaza right now. Cofc weight to put it back out and according to a per family or friends, adam play-along and whoever wins wins.

Big they’re away from us, but like you wouldn’t allot of sophistry now plaza go to your family or friends now on pots. But here we go now. The hosted a pose an article, hello, everybody hey, i did it all right, but didn’t know what you guys. You have for tells resources at the same works four towns in america and freeze stories that have cardinals for small towns and we have to match through the three stores to the three towns and, as you can see, i’m playing at the gas cases devoted a are Legendary energy, be directors stepped into the rain here of the reserve chosen him to play against this because i’m never lost a minute.

I didn’t even lose delegate jackson, so i think it is again it’s too easy. You know when data the federal effort, by the way i mean that’s right for the sole use of good at. Why did we are fortunate? Are the four towns are loop city in nebraska, loops city?

I really love it. Tulsa, oklahoma, mckesson big time and i’ve been pleasant planes, arkansas, todas la plaza plans, arkansas and well. The main welded main william weld from around there when we want unpleasant plays are so is that nearest city called hope or parkinson’s. The small states liberally sfga all right. One of the three uh .. stories that happen in three of those four towns alright store number one. I a group of barbers cut their food is for children to send about two thousand kids back to school, with no haircuts, tightest a sweet okay with harbors reduced rate.

It’S a good thing. They want afghanistan. It is a mother and murder. Okay, produce for export all right so, and i were to a man accused of breaking into women’s homes and stealing their underwear will have to pay for them when he gets out of prison.

I think that affect when i get out of prison left paid more than three thousand six hundred dollars tourism victims to compensate for the stall underwater unfit, there’s always a petty thief. In this case, how do you think he’s going to be in the whole country? It’S unbelievable uh … How much do you have to pay? Three thousand six hundred dollars lives all a lot of pandita. That’S also a lot of work. That is our expenses for another, many, if that’s their high and paintings anish out out for us.

How much is at any cost? These days was around like twelve dollars, twelve thousand pcs towards the back three hundred panties, and that he was busy mapping out a lot of work. While it’s true that we read it all that work in a second, i did caller. I was supposed to the third stories that teenager accused of fatally stabbing a call-in trying to run over herd of cattle faces animal cruelty charges because there is not my goal there yeah, but now with this, i find it. Thank you. I don’t get a lot of hate on you took some time.

We lots of things when we shouldn’t, so he has a thing of it. Let me review the for tells it restores loop city, nebraska, tulsa, oklahoma, pleasant planes, arkansas and well the main astoria number one. The group of barbers is cutting their fees for children, so that two thousand kids can go back to school with new haircuts men accused of breaking into women’s homes and stealing undergarments will have to pay three thousand six hundred dollars to compensate is victims when he gets Out of prison and the teenager was accused of fatally stabbing a cow and trying to run over herd of cattle. That detectives, can you know it? I could go a conventional answers here, but i i_d_ probably gon na get, did too cute and half year are too cute by half they could be stranded psychosom, so these candidates, slowly assorted other barbers, reducing the fees, strength for the kids, that soul pleasant. That game deathly wants us to guess plaza planes arkansas, that’s partly why put pleasant plains arkansan there and it’s such a like provincial story of a heartland of the country, and it is a provincial story out of the heartland of visibility.

Actually, do that is a lovely city, aloof sitting, a bresca, whether i see a little loopy anyway and so biodata for free. I don’t think you are right on the go with mean. Was it well the main, because i’d feel like in the east coast, the have a more on the want, their kids? Still, we’ve looked at them, so they really like becoming filigree when they go back to school.

Like many other opinion anywhere else, it would be like a hooker that went back to school. Some of those main fifty three million abreast at courthouses. Whenever that american idol discussions as conservatives expressing everything, ok, hahaha, i hear you the paint defeat.

Look he’s a pervert, so he could have been for move city, nebraska, uh, .., but and there’s a lot of us in the northeast of this book. Lovers everywhere turns out. He would impose on plans.

Is the last three hundred panties. I think i mean a bigger city, so what else oklahoma and here’s another head, because the cattle that was pilar may be just also oklahoma. If this were a lot of callous.

But now you need a lot of pennies, along with also confirm prankster, well, amoco, with deferring the understates arkansas and it’s pleasant hill article, because heat ev, a body were scared, very hangs out there. Cloning twice during the promo in the field and i have found uh .. yeh lottie strike, so you’ve got a lot easier for him, as is so big people, and i a lot of time to go between houses and not, and i’ve been cut. Some of those. I think that that’s right whistle, but it is stored – you think, is talking about the cause is right. I guess i was uh .. united company after the academic product of a uh .. well, and keep your eye database. Fifty a lot of easy strides.

I like that, all right now, the final story here are the fatally stabbing account rattle on over the herd. That’S just sick and that’s where the super had faking it you would get so-so below. This is like an electric.

No, there is a very unpleasant story that happening police arkansas, where there’s also a lot of cattle hectic. Wiping with this on a few of you are not call it in nebraska itself, like a very batting a deer like it again somewhere words very open. Kids are busy with summer they had a lot of cows to mess with them comical with, by the way who stabs account will people in the reference sample or to find out article who’s right, who’s, wrong, who’s winning bid, but the barbers are giving the big. This goes to the school kids lingo, that school new haircuts, that’s in tulsa, oklahoma, you’d, think they’d be in a smaller place, but it all while so i’m a lot of trouble started to already the women’s underwear three isn loops city nebraska.

Are nobody could accuse the united army? Yeah is loopytoe surprise. There are even better many women there. You can get them any tears, wonder what’s in that city bio-data? What good is that there was a bit every single housing it out.

I mean at least is busier. You’Ve got a ruler, uncaring works are so so far, no one guy anything right, the tea most at the calendar and over their herd of cattle that occurred in pleasant plains, arkansas, which echeck one answer pieces since, as you know, good, i’m too good to see that You can’t beat me in this game. I want like eight times an hour pontificate get around now this week. Not not really, you know, if is figure u_s_ is the strike. Not i win, and i win big in dave goes america by next time, young turks.